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£39.00 offers a groundbreaking framework for assessing the need for assistive technology among individuals struggling with dyslexia. This personalised screening tool provides invaluable insights into identifying whether specific assistive technology tools could be of benefit. The true advantage of assistive technology lies in its capacity to level the playing field, allowing those with dyslexia to overcome reading and writing challenges. Moreover, the framework is currently available on a free trial basis, making it accessible for schools to trial with their students. This not only empowers educators with the means to provide tailored support but also presents opportunities for conducting valuable case studies, ultimately advancing our understanding of how assistive technology can enhance the learning experience for those with dyslexia.

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Introducing the Framework

The Framework is a revolutionary tool that amalgamates the power of artificial intelligence, human expertise along  with the decade of assistive technology  knowledge of Arran Smith. To empower individuals grappling with dyslexia and neurodiversity challenges. Through a personalised survey, it delves deep into the distinctive requirements and hurdles faced by users, whether they be young learners or seasoned professionals. This pioneering approach equips the framework to pinpoint and suggest the most fitting assistive technology solutions, thus ensuring a specific report, for the  implementation of assistive technology in education and wider. Needs Blueprint

Within the ecosystem lies the Needs Blueprint, which categorises individuals’ requisites into three clear-cut tiers, predicated on their dyslexia and neurodiversity-related difficulties:

  1. Vital Needs: At this level, individuals grapple with challenges that markedly impede their capacity to execute tasks linked to dyslexia and neurodiversity (81% – 100%).
  2. Essential Needs: Those with essential needs encounter recurring obstacles that significantly affect their dyslexia and neurodiversity-related activities (41% – 80%).
  3. Notable Needs: Individuals in this category may sporadically face challenges related to dyslexia and neurodiversity (0% – 40%).

Exploring the Dyslexic Profile

The Framework comprehensively examines various aspects of an individual’s dyslexic profile, encompassing areas such as reading difficulties, spelling challenges, phonological awareness issues, comprehension of complex texts, memory, and more. This is achieved through a bespoke assessment tailored to gain profound insights into each individual’s unique challenges.

Your Guide to Assistive Technology Solutions

The generated report serves as your comprehensive reference for assistive technology solutions. It not only identifies specific needs for the individual  but also offers bespoke recommendations for the most suitable assistive technology. These recommendations are drawn from areas of Assistive Technology product types, ensuring that you receive the support and guidance necessary to enhance educational experiences and personal growth for individuals grappling with dyslexia and neurodiversity.


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